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Shoei Pinlock Inner Lens CWR-1

Pinlock visor insert (CWR-1), clear, anti-fog, suitable for the following Pinlock prepared SHOEI helmets:
  • GT-Air
  • Neotec
  • NXR
  • RYD
  • X-Spirit II
  • X-Spirit III
  • XR-1100
  • Qwest
  • NOTE: Before use, remove the protective film on the visor! Please find an additional picture attached.
    Pinlock visors - the Pinlock system offers effective protection against unpleasant visor fogging. An anti-fog Pinlock insert lens is attached to the prepared Pinlock outer visor by means of two small pins. The airtight pocket between lens and visor ensures clear vision and therefore significantly enhances road safety.
    Safety first! Never ride with a scratched or cloudy visor. At night, in particular, scratches and scrapes reflect street lighting and/or oncoming headlights, which causes dazzle. Rain can make this effect more pronounced. Never ride in the dark with a dark visor. Replace a worn visor in good time. When you go on a touring holiday, always take a spare visor.
    • Toote kood: loid20013508
    • Tootja: Shoei
    • Suuruste sobivus: vaata siit
    • 100% raha tagasi garantii:
    • 14 päeva jooksul vahetuse võimalus:

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