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Pro-Safe 05 Kids protector set S/E/K

Pro Safe is moulded from visco-elastic polyurethane, which is very light and flexible. The outer skin has a closed cellular structure, while the internal core has an open cell structure. This combination of materials makes the foam more resistant to environmental influences and prevents water penetrating into the internal core under normal conditions.
Pro Safe 05 Kids 2 protectors (shoulders, elbows or knees)
  • Tested to EN 1621-1:2012
  • delivery includes 1 pair
  • measurement (L x W): around 19 x 11 cm
    • Toote kood: loid20019250
    • Suuruste sobivus: vaata siit
    • 100% raha tagasi garantii:
    • 14 päeva jooksul vahetuse võimalus:

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